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Brighten your day with

a heart-ful home

MODS lifestyle

Bringing interior design to it's pinnacle, Mods design of Johor Bahru believes that a good design will bring about life-enhancing changes to your lifestyle. We shape the future to create a synchronicity of comfort and style to suit your needs.


Being a lifestyle that promotes individuality and originality, our mantra is connected to one’s attitude towards living and space.


To us, it is essential for our daily living spaces to be filled with good karma, joy and satisfaction. In order to acquire such traits, we acquit our living spaces to have a combination of visual and spiritual entities to sooth our needs.


Mods Design believes that entering your office, hotel, house or bedroom, surrounding your atmosphere with a sense of class, luxury and tranquillity. Brings about peace, calmness, happiness and satisfaction to its occupants.

Interior Design Studio

Designing is our passion, our pride engrave into our work. We spent a great deal of time and effort to design and build spaces that work best for you. Assimilating form & function, striking the perfect qualitative & quantitative balance is our personal goal.

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