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We work closely with architects and contractors to provide a seamless design experience.

Collaboration is a top priority :

Services Provided

Transforming your vision and direction into a detailed perspective concept view that you desire. We also provide a comfortable environment throughout your renovation process  Mods Design offers award winning interior design services that changes lives. Our simple and easy Turn-Key Projects ensure client’s ease throughout their planning period. We monitor every detail closely, from conceptualized ideas to completed projects. Customer’s satisfaction is priority.

MODS provides a range of services including:

• Corporate Office

• Fitness Center

• Retail Shop

• Education

• Hospitality

• Healthcare

Interior Design

Creating a prime interior setting to accommodate a client’s space, the interior design process closely parallels the building design process in which it identifies and solves the problems for the (interior) built environment.


• Active discussion between designers and client

• Utilizes every space

• Truly unique and original designs

FF & E Procurement

Furniture, furnishings, and equipment are a significant part of most commercial and institutional building projects.


• Hand-picked Furnishings for Clients

• Managing FF&E acquisition

• Detailed cost plan

• Quality value products for our clients with benefits of discounts

Project Management and Coordinating

Working with the right project management ensures benefits to any project.


• Professional and Qualified team

• Efficient and precise with resolving issues

• Monitoring progress of every projects

• Top-notch designs delivered on time and cost-effectively

Renovation Planning and Coordinating

Coordination before and after residential renovations are equally as important to us, with a strong foundation and plan, hardly any issues arises in our services.


• Architectural and interior design planning

• Large or small renovations, remodeling or extending properties

• Create solutions for client’s needs and styles

• Provide the most cost-effective quote that drives home budgets in control

Fengshui Consultation

Feng Shui, the Chinese art of the flow of “Qi” (life’s energy), a way of understanding the movement of our surroundings.


Mods Design incorporation of Feng Shui into its interior designing will help its clients to improve the quality of their lifestyle and living spaces.


We implement a simplest solution for our Feng Shui consultation. Layout plan, usage of the particular area and Date-Of-Birth of the family members are the only three main things that we need. At this stage, a proposal will be provided for client’s reference.

Coming soon about Eastern Art Revive
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