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Idea hang frames on wall

If you love black and white. I decided to combine those three loves to create a perfectly straight gallery two row of frames. My client displayed favourite pictures to create a unique storyboard on the dining room wall of our cottage. The black frames look stunning against the hex background and the photos make a great conversation piece. After placing the dining room table and chairs. As you can see in this photo, there’s more hex wall space on the left than on the right. I couldn’t centre the table on the wall because it would have been too close to the patio located on the left. Therefore I centered wall arrangement with the table and didn’t spread the frames all over the wall for the sake of filling the entire wall.

The gallery wall also looks quite stylish when viewed from the side. I love to see all the tops perfectly lined up, it satisfies the perfectionist soul in me. Now that this project is done, I’m ready for the next one. Stay tuned!

What’s your art display style? Symmetry or do you prefer when things are displayed in a more casual and relaxed way?

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