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Sunway Lenang

3D Power offers very convenient & realism view of how the interior design home will look like after the texturing and furniture is added in house Semi-D Type D. This will help the clients to have a better idea of the equity that they are providing. The client will also have a visualization of what interiors can do if he buys the home. Since this interior rendering is done using computer-generated imagery you can create multiple interiors for the same goods to ensemble the preferred of diversified buyers.

The main entrance to home, the entry way, provides function and storage. A coat wardrobe, shelves, hooks, shoes and seating can add convenience and ease to this closet-like space, maintaining an efficient, orderly entryway.

An all-white room can look stunning with a light grey wallpaper. Built-in lighting is one of those things that can make a teen room cool and hip enough. Cubbies are great to store and display things.

Beautiful on all sides and plenty of room for components, cables, a power strip and cords. By keeping it no taller than is necessary it defines the TV and dining areas without dividing the room. For instance, a person walking along the second floor would experience the light in a totally different way than someone sitting in the living room.

Play with colors and contrasts or textures. In this classy modern kitchen, warm matte wood lower cabinets play against glossy white lauquer upper cabinets — a delight for the hand that touches both in the process of cooking.

With a walk in closet your bedroom will be tidier and more beautiful. You can just walk into your temple of fashion and enjoy the luxury of comfort and perfect organization that enhance your master bedroom decor and add chic to interior design.

The hidden bathroom behind matching cupboard doors is beautifully clean and minimal, but could also be very practical. Invisible spaces... There are many ways, by moving into the realms of the future, could advance and be integrated into bathroom.

Incorporate a fixed feature - Pick a wall and make this canvas. In this example, a few of the pictures could be replaced with your favourite children’s artworks or family pictures. Doing it like this allows to put their work on display, but the overall look says stylish adult space rather than extension of the kids’ art room.

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